Youth Group

The Youth Group is open to all Jewish high school students in the greater Dutchess County area.

We are especially proud of our award-winning Youth Group. In May 2017, they won the United Synagogue Youth Award for Most Unique Program for their work on the Dutchess County Community Holocaust Service.

USY (grades 9 – 12) and Kadima (grades 6 – 8) at Temple Beth-El create a Jewish social, cultural, and educational environment for our teenagers. We have social programs, projects for Tikkun Olam (Socal Action and Tzedakkah), and regional events. USY has one regional convention approximately every six weeks, and Kadima has one per year. In addition to the social action and charitable events, our teens participate in lots of local fun activities including bowling and roller skating. Local activities typically occur once every month. During the summer, many of our teens participate in USY-on-Wheels and Israel Pilgrimage.

For more information about our Youth Group, please contact our Education Director at 845-454-0570 or


Youth Group meetings typically take place each Wednesday just prior to our Gesher Hebrew High School session.

Scheduled Activities


Examples of prior Youth Group activities

Crop Walk
Fall Food Drive
Bright Nights
Mitten Menorahs
Houses for Change
Mitzvah Day Car Wash
Birthday Bags
Memorial Day Grave Flag Markers

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