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Sources on Judaism and Reproductive Health

Friends, I'm attaching some text collections that I'm referring to in tonight's class on Judaism and Reproductive Health. My text study sheet: Jewish Perspectives on Reproductive Health Further Reading: From Justification to Justice: New Jewish Sources on Abortion (Dr. Michal Raucher) - JTS Evening of Learning, May 2022 Encoded Law and Embodied Spirit: Judaism and […]

Torah Study – Yom Ha-Shoah 2022

Friends, I'm attaching the text sheet that we'll be studying after morning minyan on April 28, 2022. The first three texts are from Aish Kodesh (Holy Fire), a collection of Torah commentary from the Piaseczner Rebbe, Kalonymus Shapira, written in the Warsaw Ghetto. The last is a poem by Muriel Rukeyser, written in 1944. Downloadable PDF: Yom Ha-shoah […]

Shabbat morning Torah study: Zachor

Friends, I'm attaching a text study sheet for Shabbat Zachor, which falls the Shabbat before Purim every year. We'll be discussing this at services Saturday morning, and I wanted to make it available to those joining us via livestream. Shabbat shalom! Downloadable PDF: amalek text study for shabbat zachor.pdf Amalek: Out There, or In Here? […]