Past Class Offerings

Spiritual Offerings Alternative Rituals (SOAR) - Running parallel to our Main Shabbat morning Sanctuary services we offered a monthly alternative to traditional music and prayer.  Alternative spiritual offerings such as meditation, intensive Torah study, story-telling, biblio-drama took place weekly.


Spiritual Awakenings - Connecting Judaism with the full array of spiritual practice (meditation, folkdance, social action, art, environmentalism, & more). Meet-up goals: - To expose our community to a diverse array of spiritual practices, To have participants explore what spirituality means to them,  To have participants come to see that all forms/varieties of spirituality and spiritual practice can be infused with Jewish texts, traditions, and values.  Group meets every Rosh Chodesh evening & one Shabbat evening per month at sundown in the Temple Beth-El library


Tough Questions Jews Ask - We Jews are noted for asking many questions. In response we often get more questions than answers.  In this series of classes questions such as the following will be posed:  In the Torah God performed many miracles.  Where do we find evidence of God’s intervention in contemporary times?  If Adam and Eve had obeyed God by not eating the forbidden fruit, would that have been the end of the story? What do Jews believe about a Messiah? Bring your own questions and together we may discover some answers. Rabbi Victor will lead this discussion.


Learn To Read Hebrew - Want to be able to better follow along during services? Whether you need a refresher or have never learned before!


Adult Beit Midrash


Davennen’ Leadership Cohort



  • We reserve the right to cancel a course if necessary (but we hope not to).
  • We are committed to having the best adult education offerings in Dutchess County.  If you would like to help us in this effort you can make donations payable to Temple Beth-El.  We so deeply appreciate your support of Jewish learning at Temple Beth-El.

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