Selling Your Chametz


Sale of Chametz - Passover 2024

The deadline to sign up to sell chametz this year has passed.

Why Sell Chametz?

On Passover, Jews are forbidden not only to eat chametz (leavened material), but also to possess  it. This raises a question: what to do with it?

The most straightforward answer is to dispose of it, either by donating it to the needy, if it’s unopened and edible, or by discarding or destroying it.

However, there is space in Jewish law to remove chametz from our possession on Passover without getting rid of it entirely. There is a  “legal fiction” of selling all the chametz that does remain in our homes to a non-Jew who is not bound by the restrictions of Passover. While permissible, it is best used to avoid serious financial hardship or waste, particularly of items that can’t be donated — not to avoid getting rid of those stale half-eaten bags of pretzels at the bottom of the pantry.

On behalf of Temple Beth-El, Rabbi Michael will be arranging for the sale of any chametz stored on the synagogue’s property. If you would like to add your home’s chametz to the sale, please follow these steps. The sale will be rescinded after the holiday’s end.

  • Be sure to clean out all parts of the home you intend to use. (e.g., remove leavened products from kitchen and pantry; clean to remove food remnants from anyplace you bring food - cars, couches, and desks are perennial candidates.)
  • Isolate all the chametz that remains into a fixed, “sealed-off” space. For example, set it aside in a cupboard or closet, place a piece of tape over the door, and don’t use it throughout the holiday.For refrigerated or frozen goods, you can double-bag items and tape them securely shut, then place the bag in the back of the fridge or freezer.

How to Sell Chametz

You can sell your chametz one of three ways - the deadline for submitting paper forms to the office is 11 AM on Friday, April 19, while electronic submissions will be accepted until 4 PM on Sunday, April 21.

The deadline to sign up to sell chametz this year has passed.

The sale will go into effect at 11:45 AM on Monday, Apriil 22, and  chametz will revert to your ownership at the conclusion of Passover on Tuesday night, April 30  by 8:40 PM.

Requested Contribution

It is customary to make a contribution to the hungry as part of this sale. I encourage everyone to make a donation to a local food bank, give to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger (, or donate to Temple Beth-El with the notation “Passover Appeal” to help us continue to feed the hungry at Dutchess Outreach every month.