Passover 2024

Passover Service Schedule at Temple Beth-El

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Haggadot and Seder Materials

New for 2024:

The following lists of 2024 Passover haggadah supplements was compiled by the JTA and posted on the Forward's website - the full article is here.


Returning Favorites:

Haggadahs-R-Us is a good source of a variety of haggadot. lets you compile your own custom haggadah.

Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

HIAS Haggadah with material on Passover and refugees

T'ruah's Human Rights Haggadah can be used as a seder companion or source of readings as well.

The Israeli liberal Orthodox group Tzohar has released a guide for celebrating Pesach and the seder with loved ones with dementia. (Note that if you scroll down below the document preview, there is a Download button to obtain the entire PDF.) While some of its concerns are specific to Orthodox and strictly-observant Conservative practice, there are also compassionate and helpful suggestions that are broadly applicable.

Poems around the Seder Table: Rachel Korazim curated this collection of poetry from many sources for the seder - attributions are within.

National Council of Jewish Women has published The Five Women of the Exodus: A Feminist Supplement to the Haggadah

The stunning Haggadat Herut / Freedom Haggadah published in Israel last week has been translated into English and is available as a flipbook here. 

General Passover Resources

Exploring is a new website from the Conservative movement with a wealth of accessible information. Their Passover landing page is here.

MyJewishLearning's Passover resources are rich, with something for everyone.

Hadar's Passover supplement this year has thought-provoking essays as well as activities for kids and families.

The Hartman Institute has articles, videos, and podcasts on Passover.


The Nosher's collection of Passover recipes.

Vegetarian and vegan Passover recipes from


Guidance on Passover Cleaning and Kashrut

Passover Guide from Rabbinical Assembly for 5784.  This is a mainstream guide to Passover practice that sticks to what is actually required under Jewish law, rather than stringent customs that make holiday preparation unnecessarily challenging.

This document by Rabbi Aaron Alexander contains further detail about the thinking going into some of the Passover Guide's approach as well as some further helpful information.

Sephardic Brotherhood of North America Pesah Guide for 2024 (pdf)


Sale of Chametz through Temple Beth-El

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Second Seder at Temple Beth-El

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