Jewry Duty

MIN-YON (noun) – A group of ten adult Jews gathering for the purpose of reciting public prayers.

Having its roots in ancient tradition, it was ordained that only a minyan could perform certain functions:
· Reading from the Torah
· Saying Kaddish
· Reciting public portions of the service

During shiva, the Rabbi, Cantor and/or friends will come to your home and help make a Minyan. But when shiva ends, or when one has a yahrtzeit and needs to say Kaddish at the Temple, we have not always reached a minyan

We ask "ALL" congregants to adhere to the "Jewry Duty" call. Keep an eye on your mail. Each and every family will be getting a notice for "Jewry Duty" during the year. The commitment will be for one week. The notice will identify which week is yours. We hope that you will all respond with the realization that we are a community and as such we need to work together to make sure everyone's needs are met.

Remember, this approach is aimed at making sure that there will be a Minyan when you need one.  Please respond when called upon.

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